Back to New York for some theater and TV work!

So happy to be back in NY! I spent 5 weeks in my favorite city on the entire planet, working for a theater production, and a TV pilot.

bgt 2016 3
The theater production was Big Green Theater. This is the fourth year that I’m part of this amazing project and, I have to say, it made me very happy to had another chance to explore the greater-than-life characters created by 5th graders. This is an eco-theater project, meaning, all plays written by the young playwrights are focused on current environmental issues. This year, I played a cardinal, a mockingbird, a pangolin and a stick insect (I mean, the Prince of Stick Insects!)

Nanda de Vil
After Big Green Theater, I had a one-day shooting for a TV pilot called Brazzy Jazzy. It’s a sitcom type of program that tells the story of a young Brazilian fashion designer who comes to NY to become a fashion success. I played the role of the Argentinean Cruela-de-Vil-type of boss who hires her to work in my fashion store. I had tons of fun playing Tamara, so fingers crossed!

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