Color TV’s in Tijuana

Here is a description of the last show I was in, right before my (deserved) summer vacations. It was a very interesting project by this amazing group of artists called Aztec Economy. I enjoyed the whole process and, I have to say, I had a lot of fun developing and playing with my character, a Coyote (smuggler who facilitate the migration of people across the U.S. border)

COLOR TVS EN TIJUANA  is a live performance using 7 PERFORMERS. 7 TVs. 7 SCENES to explore Christ’s 7 Stations of the Cross in the context of modern day Tijuana, Mexico. In Room 7 of  Tres Marias  Motel on the volatile border between the United States and Mexico, one evening’s encounters of the souls of a dancer, an undercover narcotics agent, a coyote, an on-call travelling dentist, the ghost of a legendary cartel member, and the dead body of a pinata artist carry along a narrative of Mexican Catholic ritualism, Ancient Aztec Mythology, and the lessons of how to ‘cross the border’ between states of the land and states of the spirit.

This is a link to the AE website:, and this is the trailer for the show:

YouTube Preview Image

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