Everything by my side at Bard College

Once again, the action takes place on a bed. One actress, one spectator. Sharing a very intimate moment in a very public space; this time, a college campus.

Everything by my side was presented as part of the SummerScape festival at Bard College in July 2015. The experience, once again, was amazing. Here is a pic of the “stage”. We where 7 actresses in 7 beds, telling a story to an spectator, one at a time, who would share our bed and listen to the story. I was part of this project last summer, when the director, an amazing Argentinean artist (Fernando Rubio) was invited to take this piece to NYC. It was a success: sold out from the beginning, front page on the NYT arts section. So here I was again, because I could not miss this beautiful experience.

EBMS at bard 2

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