My summer at the Spanish Repertoire!

This summer, I was cast to be part of two classical plays from the Spanish Golden Age at the Spanish Repertoire, as part of the Van Lier fellowship, a program that gives the chance to direct a contemporary and a classical play to young directors.

The first play I was part in was called “Reinar despues de morir” (Reign after dying”), a drama set in XIV century Portugal:

“Portugal’s border is in danger from Spain and the only solution is an alliance secured by the marriage between the Portuguese Prince and a Spanish Infanta. The only problem is that the Prince is already married to Inés de Castro. Trouble stirs as the King searches for any way possible to achieve the marriage between the Prince and the Infanta and in three days, the entire kingdom is changed forever.”

I played the role of the King, which was a challenge and a joy both at the same time. Below is a pic of my as King Alonso.

The second classical play I did was called “La fuerza de la costumbre” (The Force of Habit), and it’s a comedy set in Spain, about “estranged twins that are reunited by their parents, who are both are not conforming to social norms. When each finds love in members of their father’s court, they must make amends and learn to fight “The Force of Habit” instilled within them for the ones they are destined to be with.”

In this case, I played the twin sister.

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