Nanda Abella … – very talented, let’s clarify- interpreted an important
male role, King Alonso …” (Reinar después de morir)

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“The female cast in our opinion had better skill in acting, highlighting Nanda Abella (Doña Hipolita) …” (La fuerza de la costumbre)

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“Both characters – well played by Daniel Anthony Hidalgo and Nanda Abella…” (La fuerza de la costumbre)

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“Nanda Abella has reasserted her talent”

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“Abella was asked to audition after the director saw her headshot in the HOLA online directory of talent. The part was originally written for a man, but changed based on the strength of her audition.” (Color TVs in Tijuana)

  • Let´s talk Off Broadway by Yvonne Korshack (11/03/2011)

“…Prismatic Perfection”…”La Strada Shines like a gem.

 “Nanda Abella is touching and passionate as the soft, uncertain girl who discovers a tough center within herself”

  • Talk Entertainment  by Oscar E. Moore (10/31/2011)

“How brave and how wonderfully moving this production of LA STRADA is”.

“the forlorn Gelsomina (a sensitive and lovely Nanda Abella) the assistant of Zampano”

  • Backstage by Lisa Jo Sagolla (10/31/2011)

“La Strada is an enchanting, cunningly constructed production”

the Argentinean actor Nanda Abella lacks nuance but wins us over with her simple innocence and gamine beauty. She looks like a cross between Audrey Hepburn and Leslie Caron”

  • Theater is Easy by Haytham Elhawary  (10/31/2011)

“Great actors and fabolous use of music”

Abella does such a good job portraying the fragility and naiveté of Gelsomina, that at times I just wanted to rush out of my seat and give the poor girl a consoling hug”

  • Village Voice by Araceli Cruz (11/3/2011)

“Luis Carlos de La Lombana as Zampanò and Nanda Abella as Gelsomina, both of whom bring riveting and passionate performances”


  • by David Gordon (11/2/2011) 

“Abella´s innocent smile is particularly heartbreaking: so too is Lombana´s general slate of complete confusion as a man who wants to work hard and earn a living. Ruiz, who recently won an HOLA Award for his performance, is similarly affecting”